Introducing a new, super-engaging digital platform that records the passage of time in a unique visual format, 30-frames long. Welcome to a new medium that will change the way we experience Time’s passing as a mesmerizing, continuous, visual flow, a snapshot of the human community, completely global and inclusive. Watch on desktop computer, tablet, cell phone, smart watch, or in public spaces an infinite stream of moving, engaging, captured moments in the life of the World, randomly selected, one in a billion, never to appear again, marking each moment as it passes. will not only change the way we experience Time and the world we live in, but will fundamentally change the way people view brand messaging. Everyone on the planet is invited to contribute to We’re unifying humanity around the constant of Time. will provide brands with an entirely new way to connect with global audiences, an opportunity to enhance brand image, based on an universal human need to know what time it is, transcending language and culture at least 18 times a day. creates the opportunity to sell digital space across five screens—desktop computer, tablet, cell phone, smart watch, and public spaces—globally. New forms of ad units, measurement, and analysis are created. Sponsor as much as whole day parts or as little as a moment. The audience will find branding unobtrusive, yet totally engaging. Ad blockers will be unnecessary and ineffectual. Subtle placement of advertising into The Clock is unique and disruptive. Content will be global, yet geo-targeted; collected, selected, curated, and responsive to events, seasons, and a host of interesting variables. will collect and manage a massive global data base of viewers and contributors. Users will interact with The Clock via a social media platform where they can upload images to The Clock as often as they like, as many as they like, in exchange for a personal email address. is signing up investors for the World’s next Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Ask for the link to our secured video, please sign the NDA, and provide us with your email address for access.