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In recognition of the 15th anniversary of the Media Awareness Network (Mnet)—which promotes media literacy and digital literacy for Canadian homes, schools and communities—the organization undertook a rebranding. Providing information and tools to help give young people the skills to understand how media work, the name was felt to be somewhat unwieldy and not a clear indication of its function. “Raising a media savvy generation” was the key message. Core programs: 1. Digital literacy for teachers and librarians, 2. Digital literacy for parents and communities, 3. National research on children’s Internet use, 4. A website, 5. Anti-racism and anti-hate resources. The organization has increasingly focused attention on issues relating to young people’s Internet use. The need: a new name which reflected vision and mission; a new logo, which would form the visual basis for a redesign of the web site; and a rollout strategy to integrate the brand and key messages across all communications properties. In the process we created over 300 names and logo designs, researched and tested all finalists, and successfully launched the new branding—in less than six months.

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